Mike Leach was talking to an ESPN personality Marty Smith over the weekend as part of College Gameday and the reporter noticed Leach had a cup of coffee.

The following exchange perfectly encapsulates what I believe about drinking my coffee black and will be how I describe the experience from here on out.

Smith: What's the best way to take your coffee?

Leach: Well, coffee tastes terrible anyway so don't put anything in it to obstruct the harsh bitter taste. Just put it down one sip at a time, ya know?

Smith: So it's not about the taste at all. It's not about the experience at all, it's about the outcome.

Leach: (in a complete deadpan) No, the experience is terrible.

I drink coffee nearly every day and while I drink it in many different ways, I mostly drink it black. That experience comes at the office, and while we have high-quality beans provided to us, nothing provided at the office makes that an experience worth telling anyone about.

So I just walk up to the machine, squirt my 14 ounces into my styrofoam cup and get through it one sip at a time.

My favorite thing about the Leach back and forth above though, is that the man is always drinking coffee. For someone who hates the experience, he's got it at every press conference and most every walkthrough he does.

It's not a surprise that Leach drinks something every day he describes as harsh and bitter. He's all about the outcome. Also, a lot of people who know Mike Leach would use a similar pair of words to describe him, but like coffee Leach is all about results.

Like rewriting SEC passing records with the first quarterback he gets a hold of.

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