Well it's R.I.P for one big V.I.P tiger in California. The King of Pop's pet tiger departed this life on June 11th, 2012.

We all knew Neverland was the place of Michael Jackson's dreams, but did you know it was also home to orangutans, giraffes, flamingos, lots of reptiles, and a set of sibling tigers.

Thriller and her brother, Sabu, (that's right, Thriller is a lovely lady tiger) were born in 1998 and resided at Neverland with Michael until 2006.

After the autopsy concluded that Thriller passed away due to lung cancer, she was cremated. Staff workers will hold a private service when the ashes are buried in a section of the preserve set aside for animals that die there.

The beautiful 13 year old tiger was named after, you guessed it!, Michael's hit song, 'Thriller'.


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