It seems like Jakeem Grant is well on his way to breaking the curse of his Miami Dolphin Jersey number. At least that's what Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to think.

Early in OTAs Jakeem Grant has made quite the impression on his veteran QB.

According to CBS Sports and Palm Beach Post reporter Andrew Abramson: "Jakeem Grant is a little guy…he's listed at 5-foot-6, and there's no one on the field that compares in size to him, the players love him though, he's already earned the nickname 'Mighty Mouse.' Ryan Tannehill hasn't stopped praising the guy, stating that he can not only help special teams, but the offense too."

Grant is the fastest man on the Dolphins roster, and with interviews like this the Dolphins feel like they have a draft steal on their hands.

It's almost certain Grant will make the team as a returner, but look for Grant to force his way onto the field during the offensive snaps as well.


    Jakeem Grant's 100-Yard Kickoff Return

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