Sound the alarms because it's official: McDonald's has announced the release of their long lost, but not forgotten, Halloween pails for this upcoming Halloween season.

Many people born in the late 70s, 80s, and 90s remember the fast food chain's infamous Halloween pails. According to the McDonald's website, the pails were first released back in 1986 under the trio named McBoo, McPunk'n, and McGoblin. The three original buckets were all pumpkin-type buckets for McDonald's Kids Meals that could be repurposed as Halloween Trick-or-Treat buckets, which is what was a big part of their appeal.

The Halloween pails, which are also known as Boo Buckets, seem to have changed throughout the years with the trio of pumpkins becoming a pumpkin, witch, and ghost that popularly glowed in the dark.

Across the internet, many McDonald's fans reacted with joy after the rumors have turned out to be true: the Halloween pails are making a return, according to a tweet from McDonald's official Twitter account. People are commenting on the tweet and McDonald's is responding to almost every single response so perfectly that I couldn't stop laughing.

The last time the Halloween pails were sold by McDonald's as part of the Happy Meal was in 2016. Since then, many fans, including myself, have missed the simple Halloween-themed pails. Some have reminisced in other ways. McDonald's took notice online of many people using their old Halloween pails for other things and is encouraging customers to take inspiration from five people that showed off their alternative uses for the pails.

The Halloween Kids Meal Pails will only be available for a limited time from October 18th, 2022 through October 31st. There's currently no word as to if they'll return next year or, more importantly, if the ghost pail glows in the dark like its predecessor.

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