Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine are in final negotiations to be judges on the NBC singing show The Voice. And its rumored that Christina Aguilera will round out the set of 3 as the female judge on the show which would definitely give it a touch more pop cred than Idol has right now. Carson Daly is the host which is about as last decade as you can get for me, but NBC owns him so why pay someone new right?

The Voice will definitely have some cool edge over Idol as far as I'm concerned because it will be a true singing contest since the judges won't be able to see the contestants until after they decide whther they like them or not. And auditions are open to anyone with a webcam so you  don't have to travel anywhere to at least try. Plus contestants will be able to do club dates during the competition to build up a fan base and obviously try to pay some bills while they're away from home. Here's a clip from the original show in Holland that shows you what it will look like.

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