A man took to Reddit explaining he became frustrated after his co-worker began oversharing about her pregnancy with him.

At first he didn't mind talking to her about her pregnancy, but it soon became an everyday discussion and now he says he knows "the ins and outs of her pregnancy better than her gyno at this point."

The man detailed that his co-worker would talk to him a minimum of 20 minutes each day about her pregnancy, going into private details he simply didn't care to hear about.

After asking her to stop, she revealed she had stereotyped him as the "gay guy" in the office — meaning she assumed he and their female co-workers had a different relationship. The assumption angered him.

"I told her that I didn’t care about the inner workings of her uterus and that she should keep it to herself. I’m not her obstetrician-gynecologist and it’s obnoxious," he wrote via Reddit. "I also told her that we aren’t friends and that co-workers, gay or straight, don’t wanna get regular updates on how the pregnancy sex she’s having with her husband is so much better, or how she craves drinking peanut oil, or how her boobs have gotten bigger."

The frustrated man continued: "She was pretty upset after I chewed her out and has been avoiding me ever since, she’s barely willing to talk to me even if it’s work relevant."

The man also "overheard her complaining about how vicious I was to her and that I made her feel ashamed for being pregnant/having a pregnant body. That wasn’t my intention, but I do now worry that I crossed a line."

In the comments, however, users advised the man that the woman was the one who had crossed a line. Many suggested he reach out to HR for a solution.

"You need to go to HR first. Her sex life is a very inappropriate work conversation. I am sure you are not the only one tired of her long conversations. Personally, if she has that much time to talk, she isn't working efficiently. I would bet a lot of money that other people are tired of her as well. She sounds exhausting," one person claiming to be an HR manager wrote.

"Honestly, she shouldn't assume that ANYONE wants to hear about her pregnancy, much less her sex life," another user weighed in.

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