Since it is finally starting to get cool around here I thought I'd show you how to make your own heat ray. this can be a cheap and easy way to start a fire, or use it as a death ray and take over the world. Your call.

From the science guys that do "3 Scientists Walk Into A Bar" comes a simple way to burn stuff. Its really easy too, just a Fresnel lens, available at your local lighting store, and the sun, available at your local outside places. Just remember to only use this power for good, or if you use it for evil and take over the world, I get a cut for showing you how.

Fresnel LensWith Halloween approaching soon, now seems like a great time to have Travis Taylor demonstrate a rather interesting device: the super heat ray death beam! (By which we really mean a Fresnel lens, of course.)

Posted by 3 Scientists Walk into a Bar on Tuesday, October 27, 2015