Shortly after winning in the category of Best Video With a Social Message at the 2013 MTV VMAs for their hit song ‘Same Love,’ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis delivered a heartfelt rendition of the tune onstage – complete with a surprise guest appearance by none other than the lovely Jennifer Hudson.

It’s no secret that Macklemore feels passionately about gay rights – the subject matter which the anthem centers around – and every ounce of that passion shined through their performance tonight. Singer Mary Lambert, who collaborated with the duo on the track, joined them onstage in a striking sequined dress to croon the compelling chorus.

The addition of J. Hud’s powerhouse vocals made their delivery even more stunning, and the fact that both Lambert and Hudson were smiling while they sang drove the positive message home. We also thought the horns were a very nice touch.

'Same Love' is from 2012's 'The Heist' and serves as the album's fourth single. Fun fact: the song was also featured during YouTube's Pride Week.

All in all, we thought this performance was a definite highlight of the evening! What did you guys think?

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