Lubbock's Garden & Arts Center (4215 University Ave) is an absolute treasure. From fine arts classes to kids camps, to creating a beautiful space for weddings- the GAC is your Garden & Arts Center, and I encourage you to take advantage of it.

A great opportunity to enjoy the center and the surrounding park is coming up Saturday, June 16th. The GAC is hosting their 9th Annual Butterfly Release. I attended the very first Butterfly Release and it is simply magical- especially for kids (and if you're me, fully grown adult women). The gardens on Clapp Park around the GAC are stunning this time of year.

The event is FREE and butterflies and ladybugs are provided to release as long as they last. The event also features snacks and kids to do related crafts. It's an excellent time to learn more about this gorgeous facility and how it can put a little more color into your life.



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