Lubbock's Dillard's Department Stores (6002 Slide Road, South Plains Mall) will both move into the former Sears location inside South Plains Mall, converging both the Men's and Women's locations into one large flagship store, according to a Press Release issued by PRNewswire today (November 15, 2022).

The former Sears location will allow Dillard's to create a retail space of a whopping 220,000 square feet. Dillard's has a long history with Lubbock. It was an inaugural store when South Plains Mall originally opened in 1972 and has provided a retail anchor ever since:

Dillard’s Chief Executive Officer William T. Dillard II stated, “We are pleased to enhance our presence at South Plains Mall, further solidifying the center as one of West Texas’ premier shopping destinations. Today’s announcement underscores and celebrates our 50-year service commitment to our Lubbock-area customers.” Mr. Dillard noted that Dillard’s opened its South Plains Mall store in July 1972.

The new Dillard's will feature the company's, "latest enhancements in store design, merchandising and technology and feature a premium lineup of brands."

Dillard's has always been a major retail destination in Lubbock, drawing in multitudes of folks a year from the surrounding communities. It's always been a "first stop" for family members of mine making the drive from small town West Texas, and I think many Lubbockites have the same experience with their families. It's the place to go if you want nice work clothes, a nice handbag, etc. It has a legacy of being the the store with the best, most coveted brands. The place to get your prom dress or bridesmaid dress or your a suit for a job interview. In other words: it's always been a big part of our life story here in Lubbock.

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