Full disclosure: I have a very selfish reason for writing this blog. A close family member of mine is in desperate need of transfusions, and the local blood banks are very low. If you or anyone you know can donate, please do so soon.

Lubbock is currently experiencing a shortage of both blood and platelet donations. I know this because someone very close to me and my family is in the hospital with a rare bone marrow disease and is in need of donations.

However, the current supply is too low to help him at the level needed.

If there's any way you can donate, or if someone you know can donate at any of the local donation centers, please do so. I know my family isn't the only one who needs donations. Lots of people across the South Plains and Texas need transfusions. Please share this with everybody you can, and go donate if possible.

Thank you.

Here are the local donation centers.

blood donation

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