Monday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day, a national day absolutely worth celebrating. But if you're wondering where to get yours, there's plenty of locally-owned options to wet your whistle.

I did an informal poll of my friends to find their favorite places to get the best margaritas. Of course, no matter where you go to celebrate, make sure you have a safe ride home.

Cancun Restaurant (7905 University Avenue) They have a variety of margaritas to choose from, but as your alcoholic fairy godmother, I suggest the house rocks margarita. If there are at least three of you, get the pitcher. Trust me, you might think you can sink it with two people, and perhaps you can, but you are booking an Uber after.

MamaRita's Border Cafe (6602 Slide Road, # 1) I mean, 'ritas is in their name. MamaRita's has very yummy frozen lime and strawberry margaritas ready to rock on their food side and a great selection inside the Catina bar. You'll need the cool to follow their absolutely incredible salsa selection, as you owe it to yourself to get an order of their delicious chips.

Chimy's (2417 Broadway Street) Chimy's has always been an uber-popular place with college kids and for great reasons. The house margaritas are cheap and strong, and their enormous nachos are one of the best deals in town. You can order up with their specialty top-shelf margaritas too if you're feeling a little boujie.

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50th Street Caboose (5027 50th Street) Caboose was the place to have your birthday as a kid. It's also the place to get a delicious variety of margaritas, including the house margarita, which enjoys extended happy hour pricing. Seriously, if you've slept on Caboose just because you're not a kid anymore, you're missing out on one of the best restaurants (and bars) in town.  

Honorable Mentions

Not exclusively local per se (more regional), but Chuy's, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, The Plaza and Abuelo's are all also excellent choices for excellent margaritas.

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