Sporadic social media posts from Texas voters claim their ballots are being changed. However, a Lubbock County Elections Office official is refuting the notion of any fraudulent activity, chalking up the issue to "user error."

According to Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy, no such ballot tampering is present in Lubbock - or anywhere else in Texas.

"These [voting booths] are recording devices and they're only going to do what the voter tells them, or the user tells them to do," Kennedy explained (quote via Everything Lubbock), adding: "Bottom line what we've seen is that it has been more of a user error, and so we need our voters to make sure that they're going to the summary page and they're seeing it."

Kennedy dismissed the idea that voting in Texas is being rigged in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I just want to assure people that this comes up and it gets out on social media, and you can't always believe what you see on social media, but we have had that happen the last three presidential cycles," Kennedy told Everything Lubbock.

Facebook posts from some Texas voters this week sparked talk about election rigging in the state. In the posts, voters said they attempted to vote a straight Republican ticket, but noticed that their votes were changed from Trump/Pence to Clinton/Kaine.

The issue caught the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who reminded voters to double check before casting their ballot:

Early voting in Texas continues through Friday, November 4. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. More information on early voting locations and Voter ID requirements can be found below.


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