A tragedy has befallen Lubbock's iconic Quick Quack Car Wash duck.

The incident happened when the duck was being transported from the Quick Quack Car Wash on Quaker Avenue to the location on 78th and University Avenue for a 102.5 Kiss FM radio station remote broadcast, which happens Friday, July 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A witness to the incident told us that he was driving behind a car that was following the transport truck and noticed something was a little off.

"[I] just saw it pulling out of the Quick Quack on Quaker [Avenue]...and the guy was driving kind of fast," Danny Loa told us. "And I was thinking [the sunglasses] were going to fall off, and all of a sudden they did."

He said that the car in front of him ran over the glasses, destroying them. While he wasn't able to get a picture of the broken glasses, he did snap the above photo of the glasses-less duck. And it's just a sad sight to see.

No word yet on if there's a GoFundMe account to replace the fowl's famous eyewear...but there should be.

You can see what the Quick Quack Car Wash duck usually looks like below.


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