Ahhhh, youth.

Isn't it great to be young and without a worry in the world? It turns out that young adults in Lubbock actually have one less worry than those in other cities.


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Simply Red recorded a minor hit back in 1985, titled "Money's Too Tight To Mention", and it perfectly sums up the struggles that young people have getting started in life in this day and age. It's tough. However, for young people, Lubbock is actually one of the best places to get their life on track.

According to Yahoo Finance, Lubbock is #2 on the list of the 15 Best Cities for Gen Z To Live Well On A Budget. The Hub City falls only behind Fort Wayne, Indiana (which is too cold in winter), based on such criteria as the population of 18-24 year-olds (we've got a lot because of our local colleges), factoring in the cost of rent, groceries, gas, and utilities compared to what the mean salary of an under-25-year old would be ($35,578 per year). Based on those factors, Lubbock stands out as a very affordable choice for young adults.

Here is the entire Top 15:

1. Fort Wayne, Indiana

2. Lubbock, Texas

3. El Paso, Texas

4. Lexington, Kentucky

5. Madison, Wisconsin

6. Lincoln, Nebraska

7. Knoxville, Tennessee

8. Tucson, Arizona

9. Tallahassee, Florida

10. Toledo, Ohio

11. Columbus, Ohio

12. San Antonio, Texas

13. Columbia, South Carolina

14. Corpus Christi, Texas

15. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It is not surprising how many of these cities are in Texas, nor how many are the home of a major university. College towns generally attract a younger demographic, and are usually fairly financially welcoming to those who wish to stay after graduation.

Lubbock is a young, vibrant part of the landscape, and may very be on it's way to becoming the worst kept secret for those who are ready for the future.

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