Want a great example of bureaucratic tomfoolery? How about putting together a Park Advisory Board, then ignoring what they have to say.

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Members of the Park Advisory Board claim that recommended projects are not being funded, according to a KLBK/KAMC report.

I understand that when you put together an "advisory board," you're going to get a lot of pie-in-the-sky requests. But the claim here is that nothing, above basic upkeep, is being done.

The projects in question range from dog parks to new fencing for local pools, which a board member terms "vital and necessary." I'm going to jump in here again and say, one of the biggest problems in Lubbock is our lack of public spaces. Improving the ones we have should very much be called "vital and necessary".

I'm going to go back to how even the most conservative people handle their finances. You pay your bills, and either put a little back or invest a little. Lubbock is not investing a little. We make tons of money from tourism in this town, but we can't assume that these folks are going to keep coming back if we neglect to keep Lubbock a vibrant and growing city.

It can't just be up to the latest restaurant location in Lubbock. City leaders need to get off their rears and look to the future, too.

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