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Alderson Elementary School and Lubbock ISD were under fire after a photo of the special "holiday meal" they prepared for students and parents went viral on Facebook.

The photo, posted to Facebook by Rochelle Tiearea, showed a half-eaten hot dog on a tortilla, a couple clumpy-looking meatballs, TruMoo chocolate milk and what's either cinnamon apples or pears.

After many people expressed their distaste for the look of the meal and why it wasn't a traditional Lubbock ISD holiday meal (typically, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, dressing), Lala Chavez, one of Lubbock ISD's Board of Trustees members, responded to the issue on her Facebook page.

In her post, Chavez addressed the complaints she received about the meal, and said she spoke with Rick Rodriguez, Lubbock ISD's chief operation officer, and well as the district's food provider, Aramark. She also explained the unique holiday event and the intentions behind the meal they presented to their students.

The meal, Chavez said, was inspired by the food you would find in the hit Disney movie, Frozen. Many parents, however, felt that it was poorly executed. Due to the feedback they received, they've decided to provide another traditional holiday lunch for the kids.

You can read Chavez's full statement below:

While some are still upset that Lubbock ISD and the school provided an unsatisfactory holiday meal in the first place, most are thankful for how quickly the issue was addressed. Many people commenting on Chavez’s Facebook post thanked her for her hard work and advocating for the children.

I think it's important to understand that mistakes happen. The fact that Lubbock ISD responded so quickly and is showing the desire to do what they can to fix the mistake is extremely valuable. Chavez could have brushed it off and moved on, but she helped show that the district cares about the opinions of the families they're serving.

I want to thank Lubbock ISD for their prompt response and for making an effort to make things right.

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