Google is known for their creative home page that changes depending on the season or occasion.

Whether it’s something festive for a holiday or something relevant to what is going on in the world today, they have a variety of iconic 'doodles' they swap the original Google logo out with.

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Today, January 30th, 2023, they have one of my favorite designs that I've seen from them in a while, and it even includes an adorable game. The logo features an adorable dog wearing a chef’s hat, making boba tea (also known as bubble tea).

Alongside the dog, there is a large ‘play’ button in the design. Curious, I clicked on the button and was pleasantly surprised by an adorable mini-game popping up. In the game, you are the dog featured on the home page, and you are making boba tea for a variety of cute customers. These customers include a frog, cats, another dog, and more.

It is a quick and easy game, but so fun to play. I love things like that and find it so fun that Google put it together.

Curious as to why the boba theme was selected, I did some searching. I found that google decided to do this design in order to feature the drink and how popular it has gotten over the past couple of years.

As someone who has been a big fan of the Thai drink for many years, I am so happy to see it get the love and recognition it deserves. There are plenty of great boba shops here in Lubbock, so go give it a try if you haven’t yet.

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