I am in about 1,000 weird and wonderful Facebook groups, but one of my favorites is Lubbock Texas Restaurant Reviews, because the folks in that group have a passion for finding the absolute best of Lubbock.

It's also a wonderfully Karen-Free Zone. Everyone is super positive, and even their grievances are usually followed up with a 'but I'm sure they were having a bad day!' It's that type of politeness and care that makes me love Lubbock, after all.

Since they are the experts, I posed this question to them: "what are your favorite hidden gems?" They did not fail to give me a list of must-try Lubbock eateries that you may have overlooked before. That's okay, today is the day to try something new, something that's been vetted by your friends and neighbors.

The list was quite extensive, so I will have to break it up into multiple articles. That gives a few restaurants the opportunity to get a little well-deserved shine instead of just being eaten up in a huge list.

Masiso (4809 34th Street) It's a cute Korean quick-serve restaurant across from Coronado High School. The ramen will cure any hangover, and the chicken katsu is crunchy and delicious. It's very affordable with huge portions, and the staff is incredibly friendly. In the spring, the garden surrounding the patio is so lovely.

Aloha BBQ (9810 Indiana Ave., #800) Huge portions of Hawaiian food and Hawaiian-style Asian food. It's better than any food I had in Hawaii. Absolutely excellent, but I do recommend calling your order in as the seating is very limited and they prepare everything to order. The chicken fried rice is a must-try.

Royal Seafood Shack (7604 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 400) I haven't had the pleasure of having RSS yet, but I know it's the same folks who bring us Lee's Cafe, which has southern soul food so good it makes me emotional even thinking about it. Seriously, the chicken-fried chicken brings a tear to my eye. Yes, obviously I am a Taurus.

Royal Indian (3806 50th St., #226) Royal Indian had some, shall we say hiccups, when they changed management. But I'm told they've corrected those mistakes and have brought Royal Indian back to its previous standard of excellence. I'm very happy to hear this and am excited to try it again soon.

Texas Burrito (2167 50th St.) It's a very unassuming location, which might make you overlook what are arguably the best breakfast burritos in town. Very inexpensive but delicious, with a sweetheart of an owner.

Enjoy your culinary adventures, and expect even more hidden gems to discover soon.

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