An Instagram follower asked Lorde whether fans should "give up" on hope that Lorde will ever release new music. Quickly, the "Royals" singer put skeptics in their place, and chided anyone who thinks it's reasonable to rush the creative and production processes.

"Give up on me if you want to!," Lorde responded in a comment. "I'm an artist, I write a record when I have enough special stories to tell. It's all me, every melody every lyric, not some team who just start the machine up every eighteen months like clockwork. The record is written, we're in the production stages now. I've worked like a dog for a year making this thing great for you guys."

Point: made.

Still, we're not completely in the dark about what's coming with the followup to 2013's Pure Heroine. Lorde said in May 2015 that Robyn's "Dancing on my Own" is a key inspiration for her career's next step.

"First records are like meeting someone and feeling that need to do everything, just in case for whatever reason, you run out of time, or they stop feeling the same way as you," she wrote in a Tumblr post. "I feel much calmer, more comfortable in my love of doing this, and its apparent love of me, this time around."

Are you impatiently waiting for Lorde's album to drop? Tell us what you're hoping to hear in the comments.

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