Local musician Brittan Church needs your help recovering his guitar that was robbed out of his car. The thief actually busted out his window to get to his guitar, which is completely infuriating to me. Not only is Brittan missing his guitar, he has to replace his window too, which we all know isn't cheap.

It is a custom black Carvin with Demarzio Pickups. It was stolen around Jake's Backroom (which tells you how brazen the thief is- that's a well-lit area!)

I recently had the same kind of heartbreak myself- my specialty makeup case with around $400 worth of SFX makeup was stolen out of my vehicle. I never recovered it and I still feel violated over the whole ordeal. Recently, the Lubbock Police Department hired on more folks to help combat the problem, but it seems property crimes have been rampant in Lubbock over the last couple years. Or perhaps I'm just sensitive since someone stole the source of my art and passion and now I have to rebuild from scratch.

If you have any information about Brittan's guitar you can call me at the station and I will happily pass the information on to him 798-7078. Or you can comment on the Facebook thread, I'm sure he's watching it closely.

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