The newest professional 11-man Spring football league starts this Saturday; the Alliance of American Football, otherwise known as AAF. The AAF will have eight teams and play a 10-week schedule.

The basis of the league is NFL-style play and the NFL rule book, with some modifications.

Capital One Orange Bowl - Miami v Wisconsin
Rob Foldy, Getty Images

Local football official Chris Snead will be in the group of inaugural officials for the new league.

Snead, who officiates local high school football games and Southeastern Conference football games, will be a center judge in AAF games. Snead is also a center judge in SEC games. In the photo above, you can see Snead working as a center judge in the 2017 Orange Bowl.

The center judge was added to NCAA football officiating crews about five years ago. The center judge is responsible for placing the football and lines up in the offensive backfield opposite of the referee. It is assumed that the center judge duties will be similar in AAF games.

The AFF will have some notable rule changes compared to the NFL. They include: no extra-point kicks after touchdowns, no field goal attempts allowed in overtime, no kickoffs and no onside kicks, teams may try to retain possession after giving up a safety by trying to convert a 4th & 12 from their own 28 yard-line.

Other rule changes include a 35-second play clock and rules for illegal defense, which can penalize the defense 15 years.

The AFF starts play on Saturday, February 9, 2018 with two games: Atlanta @ Orlando and San Diego at San Antonio. Both games will receive national coverage on CBS with a 7pm Central Time kickoff. Then, on Sunday, February 10, the other two AAF games for Week 1 will be Memphis @ Birmingham and Salt Lake at Arizona.

AAF officials for inaugural season, courtesy of the Memphis Commercial Appeal

Rod Amarri (H) – Pac 12
Cravonne Barrett (H) – Pac 12
Grantis Bell (B) – SEC
Brett Bergman (L) – Big 10
Tra Blake (R) - ACC
Mark Butterworth (Replay)
Scott Campbell (U) – Big 12
James Carter (R) – SEC
Max Causey (F) – Conference USA
Maia Chaka (L) – Conference USA
Saleem Choudhry (Replay)
Brandon Cruse (R) – Big 12
Jimmy Debell (B) – Conference USA
Robin DeLorenzo (L) – MAC
Tony Eaton (L) – Conference USA
Ed Feaster (U) – Big 10
Anthony Fleming (F) – Big 12
Glen Fucik (F) – SEC
Daniel Gauetraux (F) – Conference USA
Quentin Givens (L) – Big 12
Eric Hartman (S) – ACC
Jeff Heaser (R) – ACC
Patrick Holt (H) – Big 10
Nate Jones (S) – Pac 12
Dale Keller (H) – Pac 12
Terry Killens (U) – ACC
Glenn King (Replay)
Jason Larrew (S) – Conference USA
Lopinto (Swing replay)
Robert Lu (Replay)
Tony Meyer (F) – Conference USA
Michael Morton (U) – ACC
Mike Moten (U) – SEC
Justin Nelson (B) – Pac 12
Jimmy Oldham (Replay)
John O'Neill (R) – Big 10
Maurice Pierre (S) – Conference USA
Clay Reynard (S) – Pac 12
David Ross (B) – Pac 12
Jimmy Russell (B) – SEC
Amanda Sauer-Cook (C) – MAC
Adam Savoie (C) – ACC
Tab Slaughter (U) – Big 12
Larry Smith (C) – Big 10
Reggie Smith (R) – Big 12
Chris Snead (C) – SEC
Frank Steratore (S) – Big 10
Tripp Sutter (H) – Big 10
Ron Turner (C) – Sun Belt
Terri Valenti (Replay)
Lo van Pham (F) – Big 12
Francisco Villar (C) – Pac 12
Tyree Walton (B) – Mountain West
Andy Warner (L) – Big 12
James Wharrie (H) – Pac 12

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