The G.O.A.T LL Cool J kept it all the way hip-hop while closing out the evening's festivities at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Despite the lack of air-time the genre got during the show, this performance all but makes up for it. LL blessed the crowd by bringing out legendary rapper Chuck D to perform with him as hr went into his track ‘Whaddup.’

The guests didn't end there as Cool James had Travis Barker on the drums and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello on the guitar.

Before being cut off early by the folks upstairs by way of switching to a commercial to end the show on time, LL showed love to the Beastie Boys and deceased member Adam "MCA" Yauch in reciting a few lines from their hit record 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn.'

You can't put an age on greatness boys and girls, because great music is timeless.

Watch LL Cool J Perform at 2013 Grammy Awards

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