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On Thursday, October 27th, the Littlefield Police Department announced that they were initiating a zero-tolerance policy for unlicensed drivers.

This new policy comes about a month after the passing of 17-year-old Malachi Frausto. The Littlefield ISD student, who was also an unlicensed driver, was killed in a crash outside of Littlefield on September 28th.

Littlefield PD says that because of recent events and complaints about underage driver, the zero-tolerance policy was initiated. They said in the Facebook post:

Parents. If your child is detained for operating a motor vehicle without a license or operating a motor vehicle outside of listed restrictions, your child will receive a citation. The parent or guardian will receive a citation as well for allowing them to operate a motor vehicle without a license. Also, the vehicle can be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. This advisement concerns adult drivers as well.

The PD said that even though the department has issued multiple warnings and citations to drivers and parents in the past, voluntary compliance has not worked. No more warnings will be given as "the operation of a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right."

This zero-tolerance policy will go into effect immediately.

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