We've seen a lot of awesome "Uptown Funk" videos — one of our faves being this guy singing it in the voices of Family Guy characters — but this little boy breakin' it down to the tune is quite possibly our FAVORITE EVER.

Here's how it went down: This adorable-beyond-words mini dude was just casually attending a Binghamton Senators' hockey game when the insanely addictive Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson hit started blaring during half-time. And of course he couldn't just sit still (because, as everyone knows, it's impossible not to go absolutely nuts once you hear those opening notes), so he let the music move him right on into the best dance ever.

Seriously, the kid was Shutting. It. Down. in the stands, popping and locking and doing some pretty impressive hip swivels. And the audience loved it, cheering for him as his crazy skilled dance moves appeared on the Jumbotron. But the best part about it was that the kid was so lost in the rhythm that he didn't notice himself on the big screen or the fact that the audience was cheering for him. It was only at the end of the song, when he collapsed in a tired heap of exhaustion into his seat, did he realize he was on the big screen and his friend lifted his arms up in victory. Freaking PRECIOUS.

Watch his epic dance moves in the video above!

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