Linkin Park played a special show in Moscow's Red Square. They were there for the opening of Transformers 3:Dark Of The Moon. This is the third Transformers movie that they've done a song for the soundtrack. So they played a huge, I think even free, show in Red Square. Is it just me or do the buildings in Red Square look like candy houses? Gingerbread anyone?

This is from Linkin Park:

"Check out our performance of "Iridescent" in Red Square at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere event in Moscow. As if playing in such an incredible location wasn't great enough, our Russian fans surprised us by having a special moment planned. They had printed and distributed amongst themselves the words "wisdom," "justice," and "love," coming from Martin Luther King, Jr's speech. At the moment in our set where we use an excerpt from the speech, the crowd surprised us with their visual collaboration. It was an awesome sight to see, and something both us and our crew will remember forever.

To see more of the concert in Red Square, tune in to the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Premiere Special on MTV2, Spike and Palladia beginning Thursday, June 30.

First airing in the US is at 7:00pm on Thursday, June 30, on MTV2. A full schedule is below.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is in theaters now. You can get tickets here.

JUNE 30th
MTV2 – 7:00pm
Spike – 12:00am Midnight
Vh1 Classic and Palladia –11:00pm

JULY 1st
VH1 –11:00pm