Lea Michele spoke out against the rumors she and 'Glee' co-star Naya Rivera are feuding while appearing on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Friday night. 

"It's really unbelievable the amount of things that can just be completely made up," Michele told Letterman. "And it's really frustrating.

"The way people like to pit women against each other is really annoying and it's sad," she added.

If you haven't been following the alleged drama, here's where we are so far: On April 15, Us Weekly reported that a "major altercation" happened on the 'Glee' set which caused Michele and Rivera to be separated. “They talk behind each other’s backs — a lot," a source told the magazine. The story suggested that the two were not getting along.

Two weeks later, the New York Daily News reported that 'Glee' producers had sided with Michele, and that Rivera had been fired from the show and written out of the season five finale. Rivera's representatives dispelled those rumors and claimed that Rivera is still a part of the show.

Rivera herself hasn't said anything about the rumors and her definitive future with 'Glee,' which will air on FOX for a final sixth season in 2015.

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