Thinking about applying to Lubbock Christian University?  Have some questions?  You've come to the right place.

I would like to visit campus, when can I come?

Although you can schedule a personal tour any time when our campus is open, you might want to take advantage of one of the special Chap Days throughout the year or visit during one of our signature events to see LCU at its finest! Schedule a visit.

When I visit campus, can I stay overnight?

Yes! You can arrange to spend the night on our special visit days called Chap Days where you will have the opportunity to meet other future LCU students and experience what life is like in our residence halls.

What is a Chap Day?

Chap Days are special dates set aside for students like you who are searching for the perfect college. Dedicated to giving you an authentic college experience, Chap Days will also give you the benefit of meeting other future LCU students on group tours. You will explore our campus, attend chapel, meet with a professor or sit in a class of your choice as well as enjoy a free lunch.

Can I attend a class or visit with a coach?

Yes! All guided campus visits include sitting in on the college class of your choice or a meeting with a faculty member in your field of interest.

Can you send me more information about LCU?

We would love to! Just click here.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the Application for Admission
  2. Submit High School Transcript
  3. Submit ACT or SAT score
  4. Turn in FAFSA

When is the application deadline?

There are no admissions deadlines to apply for enrollment. But why wait? To reserve your spot on campus it is best if we receive your application by June 15.

What is the application fee? Can it be waived?

There is a $25 application fee that will be waived if you schedule a campus visit.

What is the minimum GPA requirement to be accepted?

Acceptance is based solely on ACT/SAT scores not your GPA or class standing.


If you still have questions, visit this link.

Parents, you can go here.