She might be on the road with this year’s American Idols Live Tour, but Lauren Alaina isn’t too busy to make plans for her upcoming debut album.

In fact, promotion for Alaina’s first CD will begin in earnest next week, when the video for her latest single, ‘Like My Mother Does,’ debuts on CMT.

The premiere will take place at 10:30 a.m. EST on Monday, August 8, as part of a 15-minute special that will also include behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.

And that isn’t all: the folks at the GAC Network will premiere the clip on the same day, as part of the leadup to their upcoming documentary special, ‘Introducing: Lauren Alaina,’ scheduled to air in the fall.

“The video is all about my mom and it has footage from my childhood and pictures of me and my family while I was growing up,” Alaina says. “It’s all projected on this beautiful southern-style house. It’s really great. It shows my life, so people will know more about me after they see it.”

Fans can now also pre-order Alaina’s debut album at her website, where she’s offering a Super Fan Pack edition that includes a CD or digital copy, an instant download of the single, a signed photo and personalized poster, and an entry in her CMA Awards sweepstakes. “I cannot wait for my album to come out and I can’t wait for my fans to know when it’s coming,” says Alaina. “The most asked question I get is, ‘When is the album coming out?’ I can’t wait to actually get out there and share with them who I am as an artist.”

Watch Lauren Alaina perform ‘Like My Mother Does’

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