Lana Del Rey's video for her new single, 'West Coast,' is pretty eclectic. The majority of the vid takes place in black and white, switching off between scenes of her frolicking on the beach and smoking a cigarette in a car in a vintage-looking shot. About 3 minutes and 30 seconds in, the vibe of the video completely changes and Del Ray is engulfed in flames -- and in color.

Perhaps the idea of the video was to make it as "West Coast" a possible, seeing as it's the name of the song. And we totally get how she accomplishes that, showing off the Pacific Ocean beaches and the old-school Hollywood glamour in the scenes in the convertible. But when the video switches to shots of the songstress in color, that's when we get a little confused. Del Rey looks stunning in a red, lace dress as she sways back in forth in the flames, and the video has an almost '80s feel to it -- a totally different era than the earlier moments of the video, which go back and forth from modern-day to almost 1940s-esque.

Regardless, it's Lana Del Rey, so we knew the video was going to be a little out there. We love the slowed-down, almost slow-motion feel of the track, and think that the singer looks gorgeous in the video.

Check it out above!