On Tuesday (January 5), technology firm Intel revealed an upcoming collaboration with Lady Gaga to create a "unique music experience" for the 58th Grammy Awards. But that's not Gaga's only planned collaboration with the tech giant: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich also hinted at an anti-online bullying initiative at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas —an initiative that would work closely with Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, as well as with other tech companies including Vox Media and Re/Code.

Early this morning (January 8), CNN Money revealed additional details about the anti-online harassment effort: it will be called "Hack Harassment" and will aim to "provide safer, more inclusive online experiences."

Krzanich further explained Hack Harassment's goals, explaining "Online harassment is pervasive and can be vicious. We need to remember that behind every device, game, sensor or network is a real person with real feelings and real needs for safety."

Before launching the initiative, Intel, Vox Media, Re/Code, and the Born This Way Foundation joined forces to conduct a survey to "better understand the tech industry's relationship with harassment." and the findings were staggering. 84% of the survey participants said they believe there is significant "real-life risk and emotional impact for online harassment victims." Additionally, 60% of the participants agreed that the tech industry is currently underperforming when it comes to preventing online harassment.

One of Hack Harassment's first efforts will be to sponsor and conduct a series of "hackathons" that will hopefully increase not just awareness, but accountability for all parties involved in any form of online harassment.

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