For the past seven years Kristen Wiig has killed it on SNL. Saturday night was Kristin's final night with the SNL crew. Let's take a look at five of my favorite Kristen moments.

Garth and Kat are the singing duo with matching vests and turtlenecks that never rehearse. Garth is the only one who knows the words,  that are made up on the spot,  and Kat just follows his lead.

Gilly is a troublemaker kid that...well, just enjoy.

Penelope is that person we all know who has to one-up every thing you say. Watch Penelope as she heads to group therapy , hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and does what she does.

"Theres gotta be a better way!"

Wiig’s Target Lady is my all time favorite. Justin Timberlake join her as her friend "Peg".

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