This is Far East Movement's tribute to voting. Yes it's obviously late for the Presidential election, but there's a reason for that. I'll get into it later. But for now, this new track and video feature cameos from the likes of Snoop Lion, Kal Penn, Scarlett Johansson and Jared Leto! Not bad.

If you want to know why this was posted after the election, i posted it after the video, read it or don't, it's not a big deal. Now, check out the new Far East Movement, or don't. It's a free country!

Far East Movement "For All"

And the video.

The reason I'm posting this AFTER the election is simple. with so much being said on both sides we here at KISS FM made a conscious decision to not try to persuade anyone to vote for anybody. Many people would say, and they'd probably be right, that this was an encouragement to vote for President Obama over Mitt Romney. Since it is inspired by one of the President's speeches, it was a choice made by me to not post anything that could be seen to be political for or against any candidate, or any issue. We aren't here to tell you how, why or who to vote for. We hope that you voted for your candidate and issues, and that is as far as we go. We remain neutral because we are here for the good of everybody and just playing the hits!

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