Last week's panhandle fires were absolutely devastating. Of course, the worst of it was the precious human life that was lost. Additionally, our childhood memories went up in smoke with the loss of Hank the Cowdog's M-Cross Ranch. Countless animals, especially cattle, perished as well. It's tragic, despite what an idiot satellite DJ says.

Another ongoing problem is stranded cattle. According to the Amarillo Globe News, nearly 5000 cattle were displaced and half a million acres burned. Relief efforts are ongoing, and Texans are stepping up to assist with the necessities, such as hay, feed, fencing and other supplies.

Supply drop off points have been established and of course, monetary and corporate donations have and are continuing to be accepted. For a comprehensive list, has compiled extensive information here, including drop off points for hay and other ranching supplies. Also listed are planned fundraising efforts, and resources for those affected to receive help.

If you would like to help the families of those killed in the panhandle fire, Amarillo Globe News has a list of places to donate here.

Special thanks to LordCornish on Reddit for finding this information. 

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