What's going on with Kim Kardashian and Roblox?

In the Hulu premiere of the new reality series The Kardashians, Kim and ex-husband Kanye West's 6-year-old son Saint somehow discovered an ad for Kim and Ray J's infamous sex tape while playing Roblox.

The moment when Saint discovered the photo of his mother was caught on camera. He apparently saw a screenshot of Kim crying alongside a caption that claimed users could view "unreleased footage" from the 2007 sex tape.

After Saint came across the ad, Kim told Khloe that she didn't know much about Roblox and then grabbed her cellphone and sat in her closet alongside her sister and mother, Kris Jenner, to speak privately.

Kim called her lawyer and said she was "99 percent sure" that no unreleased footage exists. She also told him she wanted to take legal action to prevent this from happening again.

“It’s not okay now, it’s not. It’s on Roblox. Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a f---ing thing popped up and he started laughing and is like, ‘Mommy, look!’ It’s a picture of my cry face that someone made on Roblox and it said, ‘Kim’s new sex tape’ when you clicked on it," she explained to the lawyer.

She also mentioned how grateful she was that Saint couldn't read what the ad was for.

Kim then called Kanye, who told her to "stop worrying about public perception. You know who you are."

While the moment made for intriguing reality TV, some viewers believe it might have been scripted.

Redditor @soundsonz made a compelling case on the forum, claiming that if Saint had really discovered the ad, he would have likely needed to be using an unrestricted account.

They explained that Roblox has a "vetting process," including for text, making it nearly impossible for the words "sex tape" to be seen on a child's Roblox account. At the very least, it would have reportedly replaced the term with hashtags.

"Age-restricted accounts can only play age-appropriate games, meaning most of the simulator/kid games on the front page that has over millions upon millions of visits/players. Developers wouldn't have anything related to her sex tape because if they were caught, the game would most likely be taken down due to violating TOS," the user argued. "No big developer who makes 100s of thousands of $ would risk getting taken down or even banned over some sick joke. Not only that, why hasn't any other parent-controlled account seen this and report[ed] it?"

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