Even if it isn't Taco Tuesday, it's a good day to go to Velvet Taco.

When they announced they were coming to Lubbock, I was ecstatic. Being from Austin and having best friends from Dallas, I've been there quite a few times. From an easy lunch with their drive-thru, a fun place to get drinks and tacos to even those late-night munchies (because who doesn't love a taco place that stays open until 2 a.m. on the weekends), Velvet Taco is a staple go-to spot.

The first thing to catch my eye was their chicken and waffles. No, it's not actually what you think it is. The tortillas are actually the waffle, and what goes even better than this epic duo is bacon and gravy. If I could recommend a side for this, I would always say you can never go wrong with their Blanco Queso, but I'm warning you that you may need two. Their 'crisp tots & local egg' side is something I always get. The cheese and crema sauce they put on it just takes it over the edge of deliciousness.

My only problem? I've tried almost all of them, so when I go back I don't know which to order. But I guess that's not a bad thing, right?

As someone who loves trying new things, Velvet Taco's Weekly Taco Feature (or WTF) is awesome, because every week I can try something new. For the month of October, there's a cheesesteak taco the week of the 13th, a chicken creaser taco the week of October 20th, and for the last week of the month, there's a Nashville Hot Cauliflower.

For all you folks who are over 21, Velvet Taco has some great drinks for you. I got to try the Kick Ass Margarita, and the name definitely does it justice. It features a Lunazul premium blanco tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and agave nectar. I preferred it on the rock, but they also offer it frozen. Just be prepared: after drinking one, you'll definitely want another.

I always say when life is uncertain (or if you might just need it that day), eat dessert first. Once you try Velvet Taco's red velvet cake, you'll want to do that. I mean, 'velvet' is in their name, so that means you have to, right?

Velvet Taco is a perfect spot any time of day and fits everyone's needs. While I'm a meat lover through and through, their top-selling veggie option, Nashville hot tofu, is a must-try. The fact that they think of everyone's needs is something you just got to love them for. At Velvet Taco, it's tacos without borders.

Check out some more pics of Kelsee chowing down on Velvet Taco's delicious food:

A Look at all the Good Stuff at Velvet Taco in Lubbock

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