Kelly Clarkson is known more for her staller voioce than for her dance moves but the ‘American Idol‘ combined the best of both in a new video, ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).’

The clip opens with a slimmed-up and georgeous Clarkson in a dark surveillance room, watching television monitors. She adjusts levels, pushes buttons, sings into a mic and generally maintains control. The footage is inter-spliced with the full-band images that have become a Clarkson video staple. It all seems a little ordinary until the first chorus.

What is Clarkson doing in the surveillance room where she is pictured singing? She’s directing flash mobs. A businessman in a suit begins fist pumping with his colleagues, kids on playgrounds break into interpretative dance, and girls on basketball courts and at the beach move in time. Girls in a gym get extra cardio in dancing to the breakup anthem while another makeshift troupe takes over in Times Square. One group even busts moves underwater!

Soon, the camera pans out, showing that the stage she’s performing on is outdoors. Clarkson hops offstage and joins a flash mob of her own, shaking what her momma gave her and even showing off some pretty impressive karate moves.

This video is so much fun that we dare you to watch it and not break into a flash mob (or at least a smile!) yourself.

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