Katy Perry and John Mayer's duet 'Who You Love,' which appears on his album 'Paradise Valley,' will be the singer-songwriter's next single. Since it's a single, it has to have its own accompanying cover art and it features the couple posing in romantic fashion.

Perry and Mayer, who reunited after a brief split in the spring, look as though they are enjoying a night at home on the cover. She's draped on a velvet couch, laying on her side, wearing a dark, silky slip dress with bedhead, resting her hand on his chest. She's giving the bedroom-eyed stare directly to the camera, too.

Mayer is seated on the floor, looking away and cradling his guitar. Ah, we see which lady love comes first in his life. We kid, we kid.

There's a subtle steaminess to this posed and professional image. It's pretty clear from their body language that Perry and Mayer are in love and happy with their relationship. Now, it's carrying over into their art and into their careers. Good thing they have the same profession!

PopCrushers and Katy Cats, do you love this intimate, sexy snap of Perry and Mayer? Who's loving it?

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