Looking festive in an ankle-length red dress, Katy Perry appeared on 'Ellen,' with holiday sweater-wearing BF John Mayer, who admitted to being in end-of-year, cozy mode. Aw! If you had any doubts about the authenticity of Jaty and their relationship, this adorbs chat will shoot 'em down.

They spoke about their awesome 'Who You Love' video, saying theirs is better than Kimye's somewhat contrived 'Bound 2' clip. Mayer joked that it was the first time he road a mechanical bull sober and Perry said that her hair blew in the right direction, whereas Kim's didn't. Is Kanye cooking up a Twitter war right now? He could be, since Jaty dared to diss his art. The audacity!

They talked holiday presents and the notion of romance, too.

A pre-taped clip featured Jaty in a faux '70s skit, 'A Perry Mayery Christmas,' where they sang 'Winter Wonderland,' with a bad perm, porno stache and those game show host microphones. The long ones with the balls at the top -- know what we mean?!

Perry also talked about why the relationship works while Mayer was not present. Since both are musicians, they "get" what the other is going through and they support one another through and through, even when on vocal rest. She also offered her perspective on 'Prism,' which she has discussed at length in the past, but Katy Cats love to hear her talk about it again and again.

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