Kate Beckinsale is having a great 'ol time with Pete Davidson.

According to Page Six, the actress is loving all the media exposure she's gotten since she began dating the Saturday Night Live star. In fact, sources say she "loves the attention—both from a younger guy and the media." In case you didn't know, the actor is 20 years younger than she is, which isn't exactly new territory for Beckinsale (she also dated comedian Matt Rife who was 22 years younger), but making headlines every other week is.

Plus, the insider added, "She hasn’t been in the press this much in years." Considering the couple is an unlikely pair, it's no wonder their relationship is getting so much attention. After all, who will ever forget the pic that started the best viral meme of 2019?

As for Davidson, he's living his best life following his high-profile split from Ariana Grande in October. “[His friends] saw him so down after Ariana. [They] were afraid for his mental health,” one source said, with a second adding, “All [Davidson's friends] want him to do is be happy and right now, he definitely is.”

However, other insiders say Beckinsale isn't the type to put up with anyone's drama, so Davidson should definitely steer clear. “Right now, Kate wants a laugh,” a Hollywood executive dished. “But she’s a very together woman and totally in charge of her life. If Pete gets too dependent or starts to spiral down, she won’t stick around.”

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