For those unaware, Karmin is comprised of real-life lovebirds Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. The duo are currently engaged, and the cute couple tell the story of how they met and began dating in their new video for ‘Brokenhearted‘ — but there’s a twist.

In the video, Heidemann and Noonan meet at a party and clearly check each other out. After some mutual staring, they get to talking via … uh … a celery stick (hey, whatever works). They flirt shamelessly, exchange numbers and leave.

Noonan, player that he is, then leaves Heidemann hanging. She’s prancing around in her undies, checking her phone obsessively. She sees Noonan at band practice the next day, and at first she first ignores him completely, even blocking him from her own view. Eventually, though, she hangs all over him, singing the lyrics with literal and emphatic passion — because now, she really means what she’s crooning.

Does he finally come around, or does he actually leave Heidemann brokenhearted? Find out in the video below!

Watch Karmin, ‘Brokenhearted’ Video

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