Kanye West had a meeting with president-elect Donald Trump at New York’s Trump Towers on Tuesday (Dec. 13). And, of course, the Twitterverse exploded with slander aimed directly at the embattled rapper.

Although there was no explanation offered about the meeting, Trump and Yeezy did stop for a moment to take pictures for the media. "He's a good man," said Trump. "We've been friends for a long time." West refused to answer a question from the press.

Afterward, folks on Twitter speculated about the meeting; some have suggested that Trump might add him to his new cabinet - which seems unlikely. Others were disgusted that West would even take a meeting with Trump who many believe will bring a divisive agenda when he becomes president in 2017. Others suggested that Kanye will perform at Trump's inauguration.

"Kanye is the greatest hip-hop disappointment of all time," tweeted one fan, while another person wrote, "Let me find out Trump is going to appoint Kanye West "Head of Mental Health Services" nothing will surprise me."

There were some conservatives who praised West for meeting with Trump. "Kanye a real one, unlike all you idiots who listen 2 liberals!" tweeted one Trump supporter.

Finally, Comedy Central delivered this funny tweet: "Can't wait for Kanye West and Donald Trump's new album, The Electoral College Dropout."

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