The internet is trying to figure out why Justin Bieber was censored during his performance at the 2022 Grammys.

The Justice star took the stage at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena Sunday (April 3) to perform his chart-topping anthem "Peaches." He opened the set at the piano for a stripped-back, ballad version of the bop, which eventually transitioned to a more traditional performance alongside Giveon and Daniel Caesar.

However, fans at home likely had a hard time following along as the Grammys censors hilariously tried (and failed) to bleep out parts of the song.

It appears as though censors were trying to catch "weed" or potentially "badass b---h." Note the emphasis on trying. They weren't very successful...

In fact, it was not immediately clear if they suddenly decided "weed" couldn't be said on TV (it was not censored during the ballad portion of "Peaches") or if something else was happening. We say that because both "weed" and "badass b---h" slipped through the broadcast cracks several times.

The result was a confusing and hilariously censored performance with plenty of "swearing" and strange pauses.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their confusion about the situation.

"Whoever is trying to censor Justin Bieber’s Peaches is doing an absolutely terrible job at it omg…like c’mon we already heard him curse at this point y’all should have the lyrics in front of you to censor it on time omg," one fan wrote. "I thought my TV was messed up or something…"

"They just censored every word in this Justin Bieber song but the words I think they meant to censor," another person joked.

"Whomever is attempting to censor Justin Bieber saying 'weed' isn’t doing a very good job. Also, why," one Twitter user asked. (Good question.)

"Justin Bieber didn't read the #GRAMMYs fine print," another person joked. "You can sing the word 'weed' when it's slow and loungey, but if it's sung to a hip hop groove they'll censor your ass."

Check out some of the funniest responses below:

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