Last month, we told you about the Equifax data breach. At that time it was reported that 143 million folks were affected. That number has now grown.

According to Gizmodo, there are 2.5 million more people that have now been added to that list, including yours truly. That now means 145.5 million people have been affected by this breach.

Not good for your credit future to say the least. A number of my co-workers checked and they were affected. Very few were in the clear.

From Gizmodo:

In addition to adding 2.5 million names to the breach lookup website that still isn’t working properly, Equifax says it will mail written notices to the newly-discovered affected customers “to minimize confusion.

And I have said it before and I will say it again, if you want to do things the right way if you have been a victim, then CLICK HERE to be taken to the FTC’s identity theft guide. Their advice is SO MUCH BETTER than anything Equifax could offer you, including using a credit freeze.


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