Juliet Simms, the resident rocker, sole remaining female and the representative of Team Red — aka Cee Lo Green‘s squad — took the stage for the final performance round of ‘The Voice‘ tonight (May 7) to perform ‘Crazy.’ Cee Lo’s group Gnarls Barkley made a splash with that song in ’00s and Simms paid tribute to the coach whom she thanked for turning his chair around for her all the way back in February.

The singer — wasn’t she a blonde last week? Yeah, she was! — rocked a chocolate hair hue and the song. It was a bit of a shock for her to tackle this song, since it didn’t play to her raspy, neo-Janis Joplin style. It was a risky choice and a muted performance, and while her fans may not looooooove it, since it wasn’t over-the-top, she displayed dynamics and showed she can do something other than rock. We applaud her for having the cojones to do something unexpected and outside of the box. If she came out and tore through a, say, Led Zeppelin song, there’d be no surprise there. This was a welcome change of pace.

Simms brought the rawk with Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to Be Wild’ for her duet with Cee Lo. That’s when the familiar and likeable hellion side showed itself. Cee Lo stepped up his rock look, dressing in studded, black leather, complementing what Simms wore. It was outrageous and it was fun.

Duh. Of course it as outrageous and fun Cee Lo was involved. Simms added the sassy, saucy rock n’ rolla.

For her third song, she performed Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s classic ‘Free Bird’ in a long red robe. She has that Stevie Nicks-style stage presence with an added dose of grit and the husky voice to match. The girl can sing and the rock world needs a ‘Voice’ like hers.

Watch Juliet Simms Perform ‘Freebird’ on ‘The Voice’

Watch Juliet Simms Perform ‘Crazy’ on ‘The Voice’

Watch Juliet Simms + Cee Lo Green Perform ‘Born to Be Wild’ on ‘The Voice’

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