If Jimmy Fallon is secretly competing for some kind of special title like "Late Night Talk Show Host Who Can Get The Most Famous People in the World to Do Insane Stuff on Television," he's already got that fictitious accolade in the bag after his first two weeks as 'Tonight Showhost.

Or perhaps he has it in the Velvety Dance Bag? Last night, Fallon and his guest Cameron Diaz tried out a new bit on the show -- one that involves the duo slipping into some classic three-legged race apparel (pants with one big leg to share in the middle) with a modern upgrade (a single, massive Adidas sneaker that fit both their feet) and then dancing it up in whatever style the Velvety Dance Bag entailed.

There is Roger Rabbit-ing, there is Mick Jagger-ing, and there is even, yes, twerking.

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