The past week has seen a number of Hollywood misdeeds come to light. Now Ben Affleck’s fellow Justice League star Jason Momoa speaks up to head off some resurfaced comments from years past with regard to his Game of Thrones role.

Just as some of Affleck’s past video transgressions have resurfaced in the wake of addressing the ongoing scandal involving Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, so too has Jason Momoa been made to confront a past instance where he dismissed sexual assault. The footage in question came from a 2011 Comic-Con panel in which Momoa uncomfortably joked about getting to “rape beautiful women” in a sci-fi and fantasy setting.

Perhaps hoping to head off similar scrutiny that Affleck has faced in the wake of resurfaced 2003 interviews, Momoa took to Instagram from Australia to profusely apologize for his words (via EW):


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The expediency of Momoa’s redress is surely because of the litany of accusations and sexual assault accounts emerging in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s ouster from his company. All the same, Warner Bros. must surely be rethinking the Justice League press tour, especially as both Affleck and Momoa face increasing scrutiny.

It remains to be seen where the justifiably raging narrative of sexual assault in Hollywood will take us next, but has Jason Momoa put a permanent stain on his reputation?

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