A Japanese man is going viral after fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a dog. His dream came with a hefty price tag: approximately $15,709. Woof!

The man, whose real name is Toko, goes by the nickname "Good Boy."

He bought his realistic Collie suit from a company called Zeppet, which is known for making costumes and sculptures for movies and films.

As we all know, all good things take time. His surprisingly convincing costume took 40 days to create and required multiple revisions to perfect.

Sharing his freakishly realistic final product with viewers on YouTube, Toko has so far garnered over 2.2 million views thanks to his uncanny canine creation.

"I made it a Collie because it looks real when I put it on," the newly canine man explained as he unveiled his furry new getup in a series of video clips on the platform.

"Good Boy" also shared that he picked a Collie because it was his favorite dog growing up. Plus, the long hair helps hide his human figure once he's in costume and walking on all fours.

With plans to post more videos as his new fursona in the future, Toko has requested viewers comment with the types of videos they would like to see from him.

See the Lassie look-alike for yourself, below:

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