According to, Grant’s 74-yard punt return touchdown is the first since Jarvis Landry broke one for 69 yards in the season opener last year. It's also the seventh-longest punt return touchdown in the history of the Dolphins.

"Once I got to the second level and I knew I was matched up with the kicker and another guy, I just knew I was going all the way," Grant told the Miami Herald. "We went like three-and-out like two series in a row, and I was just trying to [make] a move, do anything I can to get the momentum on our side."

That's exactly why the Dolphins drafted Jakeem Grant in the 6th round. They don't expect him to put in solid snaps at receiver. They just want a play maker on special teams, and that's exactly what he did on Sunday.

When Jakeem Grant was at Texas Tech, he showed his big play ability over and over again. It's fun to see him doing the same thing in the NFL.


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