Former Texas Tech football superstar and current Miami Dolphin Jakeem Grant has chimed in on the National Anthem protest that's spreading through the NFL. The wide receiver says he will not kneel, noting that "kneeling is not gonna change anything."

Grant's comments follow news that four of his teammates joined the protest, which was sparked by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, at the Dolphins' season opener.

While Grant said he respects his teammates and others who choose to protest and says he understands "how they feel and what they're trying to accomplish," kneeling isn't for him.

"I treat everybody with the same amount of respect. It needs to be that equally across the board instead of it being wrong that white cop killed this black guy for no reason," Grant said [quote via Daily Dolphin Blog]. "Yes, that’s definitely wrong, but it's not blown up when a black person kills a black person. Us, as black people, need to realize that we kill each other every day and you never see it skyrocket on the news, but when a white police officer kills a black guy it’s blown up. We need to start there first."

The wide receiver noted that he has uncles in the military and that kneeling doesn't feel right.

"I'm not going to do it, but I understand how they feel and what they're trying to accomplish," he said of protesters.

While at Texas Tech, Jakeem Grant broke several school records, including the most all-purpose yards in a single season and most career receiving yards. He also ran one of the fast 40-yard dashes ever.

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